Before you dig in and see all the ways we can work together, there’s something I want you to know…

I believe You already have everything you need to succeed with my programs and in life.

And it’s very clear to me that I’ve been divinely led in this direction, down this winding path, straight to you, to help and to serve.

Every class I ever taught, every bonded and broken relationship, every food craving, every over eating binge or mindless eating moment, every sacred meal, every yoga pose I’ve ever held, every second of meditation, every twirl on the dance floor, pedal of my bike, or wave I’ve crashed into, every therapy session I’ve cried through, every dollar I’ve spent on furthering my education to heal, to mend, and to understand… has all been deeply experienced by me, and is for the purpose of serving you.

You deserve to live a life free of obsessive cravings, in a body that’s healthy, fit, and trim.

When your body is functioning at it’s best, you can shine your light in the world brighter than ever before… you can show up in a bigger, fuller, more vibrant way to YOUR LIFE.

YOU’RE NOT AFRAID of living in your body as it is now, feeling addicted to sugar, unable to control your appetite, stress eating, or feeling uncomfortable in your clothes. As Marrianne Williamson said, “Your deepest fear is that you are powerful beyond measure. It’s your light… NOT YOUR DARKNESS that frightens you most” Taking your depleted health, your cravings, your excess weight, and your troubled relationship to food and your body…. and making the decision to transforming it all…. also means transforming and growing your life. It means up-ing your game and expanding your love (for yourself and others).

If You’re Ready To See How Expanding Your Life And Shrinking Your Waistline Go Hand-In-Hand, Then Lets Play.

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