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Ever wondered, “It’s not fair. She can eat whatever she wants & not gain an ounce.”? How many times have you said this or thought about this…How this “diet mentality trap” creeps in our life & makes us miserable? Let’s get rid of it today…

I’m starting a new series title “diet mentality traps” which are essentially our default thoughts centered around food or body image that imprison us & keep us struggling with our weights.

So today’s diet mentality trap is the belief that some people can eat whatever the heck they want & not gain weight & so it’s not fair for the over-weight folks struggling with their weight who are watching portions, counting grams & calories & what not!

I am sure each one of you has a skinny friend in life who eat all the french fries & chocolates that they want & literally never seem to gain weight.

I remember back in college days, shaking my head in amazement & in quite a bit of envy as some of my skinny friends would eat total junk & still stay skinny….and here I was calculating my calories & working out extra hard following a cheat meal & frustrated looking at them….

Now, I want you to consider 3 insights to bust this diet mentality trap that just brings misery & even sabotages your weight loss journey…


Question for you – share with me in the comments below over the blog, have you ever been trapped by this diet mentality belief that your skinny friends get to eat & you have to suffer & also what resonated with you in today’s video.

Much Love


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