What does the word DIET mean to you?

What does the word DIET mean to you?

This week, I want to ask you, what does DIET mean to you?
If you are struggling with your weight for some time, chances are you’ve tried to “diet” your way to weight loss.
And if you are carrying extra weight from a long time, I’m sure you ‘ve tried more than a couple of times to diet or restrict your food intake in some way in order to lose weight.

And chances are that you didn’t continue to diet forever & did experience some lost weight coming back!
Even if you don’t have a dieting history at all, I haven’t yet met a person who thought in an empowering way about the word DIET….
So today my question to you is what comes to your mind when you think about the word DIET….

    • Take a moment & think about it…
      Does it mean giving up your favorite foods…snacks you love…the junk you love
    • Does it mean eating bird’s portions…
    • Feeling deprived…
    • Feeling miserable…
    • Feeling hungry all the time…
    • Waiting desperately for your cheat meals…
    • Giving up all the fun in life
    • Conjuring up all your willpower to say no when offered yummy foods…
    • Conjuring up the willpower to follow all the rules & restrictions in order to achieve a slimmer waistline
    • Someone making you do things that you don’t want to do…

For some people, the word diet brings up memories of all the times, their dieting attempts didn’t work….
Does it bring up emotional pain in the form of struggle, hard work, no fun, tension, exhaustion, irritation, being on the edge!
Really think about it….NOW, Why this is important?

The way you think about diet now is directly proportional to the success of weight loss journey AND maintenance of the lost weight after that, which is where people stumble upon the most.


Then share your experience & what the word diet brings up for you in the comments below over the blog so that we can turn the meaning around & empower ourselves to nourish our body in the best possible way even if that means dieting!

Much love,

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