Every single day, I get calls from people who are struggling with their extra weight and are looking for someone to guide them in the process. And here’s what most of the people ask me in the first five minutes –

What kind of diet do I give? (cause I’ve failed in the past with many diets and I hate dieting)

Will it be easy? (cause I can’t eat “special foods”)

Will it be strict? (cause I can’t stay hungry)

I can’t diet ! Period.

And many similar versions involving their understanding of “diet” or should I say “dieting”!

So today, I want to share with you what I know about “diets” and what “kind” of diet works for everyone (Hint – I’m not talking about high protein diet here!).

Also I will spill out the holy grail truth of what is required if you are looking to not just slim down but also slim down for life i.e get over yo-yo weight loss and gain cycle.

Ok, so to begin with, you got to understand what ‘dieting’ or ‘diets’ mean.

Now, I understand that the word diet has a very negative connotation in the minds of most of the people. And this is totally normal. In fact, after having tried countless number of diets and not being able to sustain any of them for a long haul, I used to roll my eyes the moment I used to hear this word “diet”. And I swear, I used to feel a big vacuum in my tummy all the time when I was “dieting” aka I used to be constantly ‘hungry” (even though some of the diets consisted of a good amount of food that was nowhere near what can be called as “starvation”)

After thoroughly understanding what “diets” mean and what and why I was experiencing what I was experiencing, I was able to completely get off the diet roller coaster and lose all the extra weight for good.

So here me out my lovely,

DIET simple means a way of eating that works for your body…that provides your body with the ‘best’ assistance to function at its ‘best’, so that you can show up at your ‘best’ in life.

Ya ya you may say that “I know this” but this is not how we operate in life. Most of the people who struggle with their weight have a hate-hate relationship with “diet”. What they are missing is a deeper understanding of how their body functions and what is optimal nutrition.

They’ve never thought about the concept of “what is the purpose of food?”…which is, to fuel your body.

Now many people may disagree with me but at the core of this statement there is nothing but the truth.

The real and the only purpose of food is to “nourish” and “fuel” your body. Nothing more and nothing less.

Rest everything that we think about food is a story…a set of beliefs around it that gets entangled in our minds when we go on a diet. And blame the culture, the society or own past attempts at dieting, what we experience when we go on a diet (provided it’s a sensible one!), is simply coming from our minds and not truly from our body per se.

So there is nothing negative about dieting actually. Diets do work. Yes, they do but the only problem is we associate them with some kind of special eating that we are willing to do only for a specific period of time and when that period is over, we can’t wait to release our inner glutton !

When you understand that the only diet that will work for you is the one you work with…for the long haul, you will stop thinking about “diets” as something that you do when you “put on weight” or “when you have a health condition”.

Again, the truth is diet simply means “eating in a way that serves your body”.

If you continue to eat “whatever is convenient’ or “whatever is available”, you will continue to have what you already have and are moving towards.

So to sum it up-

  • You got to change your diet permanently….for life, if you are willing to have a healthy body from inside out.
  • You got to be willing to change your relationship with food…which is where all your “belief and emotional work comes in”.

If you trade your old eating and thinking habits with newer healthier ones, over time you will achieve your natural body weight.

So rather than focusing on “diet” for a short period of time, spend some time getting to learn the basic fundamentals of how your body functions as well as how you can transform your unproductive thinking ways and automatic habits that don’t serve you.

Once you get a grasp of the basic underlying principals of good solid nutrition, you will be able to craft your own diet depending on different phases and goals of your life.

So, I’ll say this again

To be really free, you have to transform your relationship with food forever.

You have to be willing to change the way you eat permanently.

You have to be willing to change the way you think about food and never go back and never go back on that route again.

That’s the simple and ultimate truth of it.

Now get down and do the work! Because you have what it takes….

You can do this, Gorgeous 😉

If you wanna learn how to lose weight permanently for life and are ready to claim a hot, healthy and a rocking body, then let’s talk. Click here to schedule a FREE session with me to find out how I can mentor you step by step to achieve your dream body.






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