What kind of freedom would you experience if you woke up every morning feeling energized in a body that you love how it looks, how it moves, and especially how easily fits into your fav jeans?

What would it be like to not obsess over the next craving and to finally figure out this whole over eating or stress eating thing?

Or what would it feel like to actually trust your appetite? Trust in your own internal hunger and fullness?

You want to step up to your life, you’re ready to clean up your diet, and you know there has to be another way besides attempting yet another (failed) diet, or torturing yourself on a treadmill.
Your life (and your body) really can be set free.

Below, You’ll See Just How Possible It Is By Partnering With Me. Please… Dig In!

“Why can’t I lose the weight and keep it off?”

That is the million dollar question. So many women are stuck in this vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting and body shame. You make up in your mind to lose the weight for good this time. You set your fitness goals. Establish a new exercise routine. You clear out the junk in your pantry and replace it with healthy, nutritious foods. You’re feeling great! Motivated and inspired to drop the extra pounds ONCE AND FOR ALL.

The first few days you start strong. You’re thinking “I can do this.” A week or two goes by and you feel yourself losing momentum. The excitement and motivation dies down. Next thing you know, you’ve completely fallen off the wagon and you’re back to being frustrated with yourself and your body.

You Don’t Get It Because You’ve Done Everything The Top Weight-Loss Experts And Gurus Have Told You To Do.

You Start To Wonder, “What Is Wrong With Me?”

I Have Discovered A Whole New “Me” And I Love It!

Through the years of dieting, I had totally lost touch with real hunger and was only eating when and what some diet told me to. Anu helped me learn how to trust myself and I’ve lost 8 kilos using her approach! I finally feel like I am in a good place where eating no longer controls my life. Her services are worth every single penny. But I got so much more working with her than just weight-loss.

Neelima Gupta
Software engineer, Mother of One, 35 yrs, Bangalore

Would You Like To Uncover The REAL Reason You Aren’t Reaching Your Ideal Weight And Maintaining The Healthy Lifestyle You Desire?

Hi, I’m Dr Anu Gupta, Weight Loss & Emotional Eating Coach & Mentor. I empower women to break through your weight blocks, create a healthy body you love, and live a healthy, passionate life!

I understand because I struggled with my own weight and body image for over 15 years. My body hatred and weight struggle started when I was only 12 years old. It continued to worsen throughout my teenage and college years until I was 20 kilos overweight. I tried diets, excessive exercise, suffered with eating disorders, and would lose and then gain 10 pounds in a weekend. I was filled with shame, frustration and self-loathing. … “What is wrong with me? Will I ever be able to feel good about my body? Maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle”?

I am happy to say that I no longer struggle with my weight. I eat and exercise moderately (NO DIET), and love and accept my body just as it is. I now have a healthy body with the energy to hike, backpack, and do all the other activities I love. I love my body and my life!

Today, I’m excited to share an opportunity for us to work together to uncover the real reason you can’t lose the weight and keep it off (you won’t learn this from any top weight-loss experts or gurus)..

I Have Found The Keys To Having A Healthy Body And Lifestyle And Would Love To Share Them With You In My 4 Month Program!

  • Wouldn’t it be awesome to finally love and accept yourself and body ?
  • To lose the weight without restricting your food or following crazy diets that in most cases, aren’t good for you anyway.
  • What would a renewed sense of self-worth and self-esteem be worth to you?
  • To feel and look healthy, confident and happy.
  • Attract that new life partner you deserve. The one who loves all of you unconditionally or have our current relationship that is sizzling, exciting & deeply soulful.
  • Have more energy to play with your kids.
  • Show up in a BIGGER way in your business because you now have the confidence to share your message with the world.
  • Create a healthier, balanced lifestyle to support your new healthy body.

The “Weight Freedom VIP Transformation” Program Is For You If:

  • You’re struggling to lose weight and keep it off
  • You keep trying different diets, hoping one will work, only to end up back at square one
  • You have personal and business goals you want to achieve but your weight is holding you back
  • You’re ashamed of your body and shy away from social gatherings or large groups of people because you don’t want to be judged
  • You’re embarrassed by the way you look and lack confidence and self-esteem
  • You’ve struggled with weight most of your life and know there are some deeper issues you need to resolve

You don’t have to continue to live this way. You can create and maintain a healthy body, release emotional eating and body shame, become more confident and have a positive self-image. It’s time to make YOU a priority!

I’m Not The Same Person Anymore

I feel sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better. I have lost 5kg so far. It’s not the world’s fastest weight loss program but I reckon it’s the BEST. Everything tastes sooooo good – like I’ve never tasted food before! I haven’t felt deprived once, and i eat very differently, like i share dishes with friends and i am leaving food on my plate. I find I’m also doing more – things that I have been procrastinating on for months, on my bucket list, I just to them now.

Shweta Mahajan
MBA Student, 21 yrs, New Delhi

Here’s what we’ll cover during our time together:

Re-Learning Eating

Imagine passing by a bakery and ice cream shop and not obsessing over whether your not you should go in. It’s not that you wouldn’t go in if you wanted to, but your choices are no longer dictated by your physical or emotional cravings.

What would it feel like to move through your day, not only keeping up with your kids, but running circles around them!?!

In this phase, you will work directly with me to discover all the foods you already love (or forgot you loved!) and create a smorgasbord of healthy, meal options that are macro-nutrient-balanced, stabilize your blood sugar and insulin, and decrease inflammation. But even more important than that, each meal is well thought out, beautiful, and fits into your life and lifestyle! We’ll also dive into restaurants and eating out.

I’ll teach you how to connect with your body & you’ll learn some new (and revolutionary) ways of looking at eating. Together we’ll create your personalized eating template, so you will always know when to start eating, when to stop eating, and what to eat. I will show you how to decide what to eat that will satisfy both your appetite and your mind.

Rocking Your Body

If you’ve been trying to lose weight or dieting for years, it’s too easy to connect exercise to weight loss, which again makes it an awful experience. In this module, you will completely disconnect the idea of exercise for weight loss. This alone took me over a decade to figure out. Don’t worry… it won’t take you that long. I’ll show you how with my 3-step simple system. Learn how to move your body in a way that makes you feel like your at recess, effortlessly having fun and enjoying every single moment. By the end of this phase, you’ll feel completely embodied, have a solid routine filled with movement and play, and you’re friends won’t be able stop commenting on how you seem to just be able to go-go-go, never missing a beat!

Pleasure, Fun & Living The Big Life

If you’re battling with excess weight, over eating, emotional cravings, binge or compulsive eating, then I’ve got some seriously good news for you.

Did you know science can finally prove that by adding more pleasure, fun, and adventure into your life, it can actually expand your happiness?
In our society we tend to look down upon pleasure and think fun and adventure is for kids. It’s easy to get all hot and bothered… caught up in our sSALTt: our Super Serious Adult Life Trials & Tribulations.
In this phase: You and I will co-create, conceive, and concoct a course-of-action by looking at all the juicy things that will light a spark under your arse!

This is truly co-conspiring toward your highest self and is necessary to do in partnership to see all the places where you’re hiding from living your biggest, most authentic life. You’ll look deeply at your relationship with food as it relates to fun and pleasure. You’ll see if it’s a healthy pleasurable relationship, or if you’re using food as a means of neglecting other areas in your life where you’re lacking pleasure, fun, and adventure. (And here’s the best part… you’ll actually see your relationship to food, fun, and pleasure shift!)

By the end of this phase you will have curated a big adventure scheduled into your calendar, along with daily fun and pleasures. You’ll notice life feels easy and graceful, while mindless overeating and cravings start to disappear.

Feeling Your Feelings

Instead of feeding your feelings with food, it’s important that you learn to feel and process your emotions. You’ll learn powerful tools to finally be free of emotional eating once and for all. I’ll teach you a simple process that will help you become aware of, feel and release stress, overwhelm, insecurity and other negative emotions so the pattern of “stuffing” them with food is healed.

Thought Work

I will introduce you to several amazing techniques that will allow you to decide whether what you’re thinking is helpful or harmful, and then replace the junky thoughts with custom-made thoughts that are believable, and that you can feel good about. If your life is a result of your thoughts, it’s time to take charge of what thoughts you choose to respond to. I will show you how to do this so that you can finally unlock the secret to lasting change.

Confront Your Cravings

This will help you deal with constant cravings, compulsive overeating and binge eating. I’ll help you understand exactly where your cravings come from and how to take away their power. If you’ve ever felt like there were two of you, one wanting to eat everything, and the other wanting to stick to your plan, here’s where you’ll finally learn how to resist those urges without relying on willpower and being tough. We’ll use cutting-edge brain science in its simplest form to help you dismiss those cravings.

Creating A New Religion

Negative and self-limiting beliefs have the power to sabotage us from achieving and maintaining our healthy bodies and lifestyles. You’ll learn how to become aware of and integrate the negative or self-limiting beliefs you are holding about your body and weight loss that you may be unaware of. Integrate, heal them and see how your body and life transform. Learn the most powerful secrets to create new beliefs that will empower you at each step along the way.

Check Your Habits

Together we’ll take a good look at the things you do automatically, the choices you make, and the ‘default’ actions you take. And after you decide what’s working for you and what’s not, I will show you how to create strong, positive habits that will give you the changes you are searching for. You’ll learn how to weed out the negative habits that are holding you back. And you’ll be able to actually re-train your brain so that you’ll be automatically making better choices. Eventually it will become easy and natural to make the choices you desire, and you’ll think, ‘This is just what I do, and it feels great!’

Soulful Lifestyle Integration

In this module, you’ll learn how to maneuver through your social situations, parties, or holidays with grace and gumption. You’ll learn powerful tools of how to not lose yourself in these situations, and how to build and maintain your own inner boundaries. And how to navigate all your relationships with the people in your life… including those who maybe liked you better 30+ pounds ago. By the end of this, your outer self will match your inner glow as you’ve integrated your new found confidence and healthy habits into your new, bigger, more expanded life! You’ll learn how to be completely in charge of both the big picture of your life, AND the small steps and moments that make up your days.

Cherish Yourself

This module is all about transforming the way you care for yourself. If you’re used to using food as a reward, a hug, or something to just make you feel good, you will love this part of the program. I will show you how to build a rock solid foundation of self-care. This is not your mother’s version of candles and bubble baths when the stress hits the fan. (Although those bubble baths do have their place!) We’re talking about building your own modern, customized version of self-care into your everyday life. With this in place, food can still be delicious. But you won’t be using it to feel good. You’ll know how to get yourself feeling good without food.

Customize Your Own Tool Kit For Lasting Change

This very special module teaches you how to create your own tool kit that will give you the ability to stay on your path. For the long haul. Because you never want to end up back where you started. You’ll learn how to create systems for your personal life that will make dealing with whatever comes your way ‘drama-free’.

How To Create Your Future Body

Being in tune with your strengths will support you in making positive, significant progress and the necessary changes to achieve and maintain your healthy body forever. You’ll learn how to re-connect with your inner strengths (e.g., courage, body wisdom, trust in self, and acceptance/love for the body).You’ll discover how to listen to your body and what it needs, stay motivated to move your body, and eat moderately without dieting. Finally… you’ll be able to trust yourself with food again!

What Will You Gain?

  • You will finally understand why you do what you do, and what it will take to make a change in how you eat and how you think.
  • Confidence that you are in charge of yourself, and that you CAN make changes in how you act, how you eat, how you feel, well….just about anything and everything you desire to change.
  • Personalized, in-depth, critical tools and concepts for creating permanent change.
  • My personal guidance: I incorporate a combination of teaching you valuable new concepts, coaching you as you begin to use them in your life, and reinforcing what you’re learning with thoughtful assignments that you’ll receive feedback on.
  • Solid strategies and tools that you can continue to practice on your own after the program ends.
  • New, actionable ideas that will forever change the way you view your weight.
  • A deep understanding of yourself.
  • The ability to be peaceful, no matter what’s happening around you.
  • Pride in your ability to take control, be committed and make deep changes.
  • Changes that will carry over to every aspect of how you live your life.

You Will Get:

  • An initial, 60 minute intake session to review your history and understand how and why you gained weight in the first place.
  • Four months of private coaching calls with me.
  • There will be three calls per month.
  • Each call will be 60 – 75 minutes long, so you’ll have plenty of time to update me on your progress, move ahead as you learn new concepts, and get coached on any and all challenges you are facing.
  • We will cover all seven modules, or steps in my program (plus two important bonus modules), and we will move at your own pace.
  • All calls can be recorded. Although this is optional, most of my clients love to use these recordings to deepen their understanding, to reinforce what they learn, and to motivate themselves.
  • In addition to your scheduled calls each month, you’ll have a 20 minute focused session available to you once a month, whenever you need it. I’m here for you!
  • Ongoing email support as needed Monday through Friday.
  • You’ll get weekly packets of personalized tools, worksheets and assignments, and feedback, of course.
  • We’ll have a 90 minute ending session, called Living It, where we will create a plan that will give you the confidence to know you can continue on your own.
  • AND three monthly, 60 minute follow-up sessions that will cover you for the three months after you complete your program. You will never fear relapsing again!

When your program is complete, you will be amazed at how different you’ll feel. You’ll be empowered with your new ability to manage your world, your weight, and your body. The changes you will have made will have a ripple effect for a long time to come.


Get more details and see if this program might be right for you.


Join Me on this Life-Changing Transformation Journey if you want to:

BREAK THROUGH THE BLOCKS that are slowing you down from having the body you want, be fully supported by a coach that can keep you accountable, and have some serious FUN .We’ll go in deep (in a good way) and you’ll come out of the program feeling totally empowered and lighter in body, mind and spirit.


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