My signature, fun, effective and straight- to- the- point, 6 week weight loss program.

I designed it for clients who want a quick overview of the most basic and important tools to help you change your mind and your body. I’ll be teaching you, coaching you and helping you as you learn and practice these valuable tools in your everyday life.

The “Weight Freedom Rockstar Roadmap” Program Is For You If:

  • You’re struggling to lose weight and keep it off
  • You keep trying different diets, hoping one will work, only to end up back at square one
  • You’re ashamed of your body and shy away from social gatherings or large groups of people because you don’t want to be judged
  • You’re embarrassed by the way you look and lack confidence and self-esteem
  • You’ve struggled with weight most of your life and know there are some deeper issues you need to resolve.
  • You’re a ‘quick start’ personality…you like to jump right in and learn something and take quick action on it.

You don’t have to continue to live this way. You can create and maintain a healthy body, release emotional eating and body shame, become more confident and have a positive self-image. It’s time to make YOU a priority!

I Lost 10 Kgs — And Have Kept It Off

Before I started working with Anu, I felt lousy about my body. I thought there was nothing I could do to change it and that I was just going to be fat forever. I feel so lucky to have bumped at her website. I was initially skeptic but now I totally dig her tools & philosophy. I lost a total of 10 kgs & have kept it off for almost an year now which is huge for me.

But beyond weight, since working with Anu, my entire life has changed. I’m less stressed, I started doing more for myself and learning more about myself and my feelings. I am eating healthier and loving it, but I also still enjoy sweets and wine at the same time. She taught me how to deal with our stress, and releasing all that has had huge effects on my weight loss weight loss.

Renu Katyal
Home maker, 32yrs, Gurgaon

Here’s what we’ll cover during our time together:

Re-Learning Eating

I’ll teach you how to connect with your body & you’ll learn some new (and revolutionary) ways of looking at eating. Together we’ll create your personalized eating template, so you will always know when to start eating, when to stop eating, and what to eat. I will show you how to decide what to eat that will satisfy both your appetite and your mind.

Rocking Your Body

You will completely disconnect the idea of exercise for weight loss. This alone took me over a decade to figure out. Don’t worry… it won’t take you that long. I’ll show you how with my 3-step simple system. Learn how to move your body in a way that makes you feel like your at recess, effortlessly having fun and enjoying every single moment.

Feeling Your Feelings

Instead of feeding your feelings with food, it’s important that you learn to feel and process your emotions. You’ll learn powerful tools to finally be free of emotional eating once and for all. I’ll teach you a simple process that will help you become aware of, feel and release stress, overwhelm, insecurity and other negative emotions so the pattern of “stuffing” them with food is healed.

Thought Work

I will introduce you to several amazing techniques that will allow you to decide whether what you’re thinking is helpful or harmful, and then replace the junky thoughts with custom-made thoughts that are believable, and that you can feel good about. If your life is a result of your thoughts, it’s time to take charge of what thoughts you choose to respond to. I will show you how to do this so that you can finally unlock the secret to lasting change.

How To Create Your Future Body

Being in tune with your strengths will support you in making positive, significant progress and the necessary changes to achieve and maintain your healthy body forever. You’ll learn how to re-connect with your inner strengths (e.g., courage, body wisdom, trust in self, and acceptance/love for the body).You’ll discover how to listen to your body and what it needs, stay motivated to move your body, and eat moderately without dieting. Finally… you’ll be able to trust yourself with food again!

What Will You Gain?

  • You will finally understand why you do what you do, and what it will take to make a change in how you eat and how you think.
  • Confidence that you are in charge of yourself, and that you CAN make changes in how you act, how you eat, how you feel, well….just about anything and everything you desire to change.
  • Critical basic tools and concepts for creating permanent change.
  • My personal guidance: I incorporate a combination of teaching you valuable new concepts, coaching you as you begin to use them in your life, and reinforcing what you’re learning with thoughtful assignments that you’ll receive feedback on.
  • Solid strategies and tools that you can continue to practice on your own after the program ends.
  • New, actionable ideas that will forever change the way you view your weight.

You Will Get:

  • Five 60 minute, one on one, live phone coaching sessions.
  • MP3 Recordings of the sessions to integrate the lessons learned for life.
  • 30 minute pre and post session work for me, for optimal results for you
  • Daily email /text access to me.
  • Weekly Weight Loss Tools to rock your world.
  • Customized Red Hot Nibble Ideas.

This is definitely for you if you want to learn a better way to eat, lose weight and live and you are “stuck” doing it on your own!

Nutritionist By Training

As a nutritionist by training, I know what we’re supposed to eat…but could I do it???? I just couldn’t seem to DO it !!!! Stress, guilt has gone, it’s very freeing. All the ‘good’ bad’ notions around food have disappeared. Food is just food again. And I’m loving the freedom around food, weight & my body.

Deepti Rana
Professional Nutritionist, 27yrs, Pune


Get more details and see if this program might be right for you.


Buckle up, sista, your life is about to change!

This program combines “going deep”- coaching with specific, concrete weight loss tools. It’s awesome and super effective (if you apply the tools!) and these are the exact steps I took to find my ideal weight , end my personal war with food and lose weight.


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