A kick-start to the path of permanent weight loss, in this 2-part session, we jam it out and dive deep into your specific & unique weight loss issues and goals. We’ll go into what’s “causing” you to struggle with the extra weight, your personalized nutrition needs, discover what area in your life needs the most attention and focus on building an effective path to your weight loss goals. Part one of this power jam session will consist of a detailed eating patterns, health history evaluation, digestive wellness assessment, and goal setting. In part two, I’ll provide you with an action plan, suggested meals and resources, and a follow-up schedule based on your needs.

Dr Anu Is A Powerhouse Of Information…

Dr Anu has an extra-ordinary understanding of why we eat and how we can manage our minds to live a more healthy lifestyle. She has been a tremendous help to me and I would highly recommend her to those wanting a healthier and on-purpose life. It’s not about a defined “diet”, it is about why we eat and how we think each day, and those little accumulative habits that lead us away from our goals. The tools and techniques are excellent, radical and unheard of. And when you apply them, you can’t help but get solid, concrete results in terms of all areas of your life, not just weight loss, health & having a great body. I wonder why the weight loss industry has been lying to people since ages!

Susan Peters
45 yrs, Entrepreneur, LA

The “Weight Freedom Premier Power Jam Session” Program Is For You If:

  • You’re looking for a customized functional approach to jump start your path to permanent weight loss, wellness, and continued support from weight loss expert.
  • You’re tired of feeling stuck, confused or frustrated with your weight and would like one-on-one support that is convenient for you.
  • If you have burning questions or are completely confused about your weight, health and diet, but are not ready to make a longer-term commitment, this is also the session for you.

This session is to identify where you need to focus and layout your next critical steps toward wellness. Additional sessions may be added as needed.

Let’s jam it out...

You Will Get:

  • First time is a 2-part session, 45 min each session – an extensive interview where we dive deep into your diet/lifestyle, health history, challenges and aspirations
  • A focus on personalized nutrition needs, identifying and prioritizing which areas need attention or adjustments – ultimately creating a jump start strategic road map for your individual weight freedom journey
  • Safe, confidential space where you have my personal commitment (and butt kicking) to your health and success
  • Suggested resources to help guide you along your path to wellness
  • After the Weight Freedom Power Jam 2-part session, follow-up Power Jam Sessions can be added as needed
Dr Anu’s program is the perfect antidote if you want instant inspiration to have a hot body, heal yourself and your life. Not only has the Dr Anu’s coaching radically improved my relationship to food and healed my addictions, I’ve also lost 10 kilos and I feel like me again!

Riana Singh
41 yrs, Senior Manager, New Delhi


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