An 8-Week Online Training Program To Create A Body You Love For Life.

This 8-week training program is designed for smart, savvy, successful women who are looking for tools, support, knowledge and wisdom on how to transform their relationship with food, their body, and themselves. Ambitious, busy, high achieving women, who are ready to quit dieting, learn the permanent solution to lose weight & create a body they love for life.

By The End Of The 8-Week Program You’ll:

  • Find out why you have been overeating & end your “weight struggle” for good.
  • Learn to trust your body, food & yourself.
  • Feel lighter, more confident, energized and secure in your own body.
  • Have a set of tools to stop self-sabotage, emotional/mindless eating, and body hate (in their tracks).
  • Discover a totally new way of eating that will forever transform your relationship with food (say goodbye to crazy food rules!).
  • Break through beliefs that have been holding you back (sometimes for years)
  • Master the only way to permanent weight loss & a happy, healthy & vibrant body.
  • Have created your own self-love and acceptance practice to keep you grounded and moving forward.
  • And finally be free. Free from the world of diets, uncontrollable eating, food fear & body bashing.

After years of dieting, binging & hating my body, I was totally resigned with the idea that I could ever lose weight & ever ever experience any freedom around food. As a total foodie, I always thought I was doomed to be “big” & that extra weight was my family heritage gift to me ! Aah, I was so wrong. I’m so fortunate to get to know about Anu & her revolutionary work. I strongly think every women should know & learn the powerful tools she teaches. I’ve not only lost 20 kgs without dieting or gymming but Im a completely different woman. I still love food but do not feel uncontrollable around it or indulge in some insane behaviors around it. Dr Anu’s work is actually way beyond weight loss. I’m so grateful to have found you.

Nitika Chawla, 30 Yrs, Sales Head, New Delhi

The Weight Freedom Academy, 8-week online training program (via live phone calls with me) will encompass many of the same tools, principles, and lessons from my one-on-one coaching, but in a broader context and at a more affordable price :

Rs 17990/ $297

( I charge $2000 for my 6-month, intensive, one-on-one coaching program).
The Weight Freedom Academy is the culmination of my deep dive into all things weight loss that takes the entire person into account- body, mind, heart & soul- to experience real, life changing, body shifting transformational results.

Its not about restriction, meal plans, counting calories & will power.
Its about connecting with your body, your desires & understanding your emotional issues that keep you from achieving your ideal weight & life.

The Weight Freedom Academy Will Give You The Education, The Support, The Tools & The Coaching & The Accountability You Need At Every Step Of Your Journey To Create A Body & Life You Absolutely Love.

This is not really a regular diet program but an awakening. When I met Anu I was depressed and crying daily and in our first session, I let go of the hurt that was keeping me stuck. Anu is a gift. A kind and brilliant woman, who creates a sacred space for you to heal. I’ve lost 16 kilos, which is the first time I have lost weight in 8 years. I was just blown away by her level of intuition, compassion and brilliance. I feel radically free! After decades of dieting I have finally worked out how to feed my body!

Neha Ahuja, 36 Yrs, Mother Of Two, New Delhi

You Will Get:

  • 6 Modules (Both Video & Audio Trainings) released weekly, taking you through a complete deep dive weight loss overhaul.
  • 6 Weekly 60 minutes live interactive coaching calls (via phone) to answer all your questions & support you in every challenge that you’ll face.
  • Set of THE MOST POWERFUL TOOLS on the planet that I use to help you shift your relationship to yourself, your body & weight.
  • Worksheets and Exercises that force you to dig deep and apply what you are learning.
  • Digital e-books, resources, checklists to make this journey easier & more doable for you.
  • More support via private facebook group exclusively for the beautiful women in the program looking to get healthier in body, mind ,soul & spirit.
  • Constant access to me by email every step of the way
  • Constant Inspiration and Epiphany Sparkers.
  • Lifetime access to the academy

Which is why if you’re at all interested, please join my VIP Waitlist, so you’ll be the first to know when you can join. I created this program because you’ve been asking for it, so it will max out. And please know that I’m only limited spots because I want this group to be intimate, and I want to be able to give you my full attention.


Enter your Name and Email & you’ll also be entered to Win a Full Scholarship to the Program.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me at [email protected]

With Love,

P.S.: remember, every journey begins with a small step xxo

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