One of the most common emotion that literally all my clients experience is that of fear, worry & anger when it comes weighing themselves on the scale. Are you one of them?

Do you avoid the scale or are in a habit of obsessively weighing yourself multiple times in a day?

Or do you feel a sense of anxiety when you climb up on the weighing machine?

Ok, so you really need to understand this beautiful concept which I’m going to explain today.

It’s really time you made friends with the scale in order to experience complete freedom around your “body-weight number” which in turn can serve to become one of your greatest ally when it comes to moving towards unleashing your dream body & falling in love with her.

First of all, I know many of you must have read or heard that you shouldn’t be weighing yourself daily & perhaps make it a weekly practice. On the other end of the spectrum, many of the health experts in my field believe that you should throw away your scale & never use it ever to gauge your progress towards achieving your weight loss goals.

Well, I differ from both these school of thoughts.

I believe the “scale” can serve as one of the most powerful tool in your weight loss journey & in fact lead you to experience a kind of intimacy with yourself that you never thought was possible.

How is this possible when all what you experience is fear, panic & dread every single time you weigh yourself & all the more when the weight goes up?

Its possible if you can actually USE the weighing scale as a tool to get to know your mind which is what I teach my clients.

Yes, I want you to start using the weighing scale as MENTAL TOOL that can give you an exact picture of what’s going on in your brain.

The very negative emotions that you resist or are trying to avoid when you climb upon the scale can serve as messengers that can give you access of your own mind.

Understand once in for all that even if you weigh 20, 40 or 100 odd kilos more than your natural body weight, the number on the weighing machine is not causing you to experience pain or any other negative emotion.

The number on the scale is just a number. And like all numbers, its neutral.

It can neither cause you to feel sadness or joy.

If the number had any ability to cause you to feel a certain way, then every woman on planet earth would feel the exact same way you feel when you climb on the scale….which of course is not true. Every woman even if the number on the scale is the same feels differently & experiences a different emotion about it.

So what is causing you to feel a certain way about your weight?

It is your “thinking”.

[mk_image src=”http://dranugupta.com/cms/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/hate-weightloss1.jpg” image_width=”800″ image_height=”350″ crop=”false” svg=”false” lightbox=”false” group=”_general” frame_style=”simple” target=”_self” caption_location=”inside-image” align=”center” margin_bottom=”10″]

Yes, your thinking is determining your feelings about your weight.

Your thoughts of what that number “means” about you or your life is causing the upsurge of all the emotions in your body.

Ok, I repeat.

Its not the number but what you make that number mean about you in your life that is cause of all the pain, fear, disappointment, anger or sadness that you feel each time you weigh yourself.

How is this important?

Well, you avoiding the weighing scale or on the other side being obsessed about the number on the scale would never cause these emotions to go away. In fact , this would never help you to process any of the negative emotions that you feel about it ever.

And all the resistance around these emotions is one of the biggest causes of your struggle around your weight & eating behavior.

Your negative emotions are there to serve you. And your willingness to feel them fully would give you access to their very cause…your thoughts.

Every single time you weigh yourself ask this question.

What am I feeling right now?

What am I thinking that is causing me to feel this way?

In other words what am I making this number mean about me?

Some examples would be –

“Im so fat & ugly”

“My body sucks”

“I have no will-power”

“I’m destined to stay fat”

“This bloody weighing machine is not accurate”

“Who have I become”

“I’m a looser & stuck”

“My weight is stuck”

And on and on….see where I’m going !

None of the above thoughts are true even if you swear to me that they are.

They are just thoughts. And when you learn the skill to question the degree of truth in them, you would be able to let go of them…gradually & without any will power or repeating positive affirmations !


The first step therefore would always be to become aware of what you are feeling & thinking when you climb the scale.


When you can actually have a look at your mind which is coming up with thoughts that in fact are resulting in your feelings, it is no wonder that you feel like shit & would want to avoid the scale.

Or are pinning your joy on that number going down. Know that all these emotions would then be driving your actions that would never lead to effective results.

In fact this kind of thinking would literally drive compulsive eating & cause you to stay stuck in body jail.

[mk_image src=”http://dranugupta.com/cms/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/body.jpg” image_width=”800″ image_height=”350″ crop=”false” svg=”false” lightbox=”false” group=”_general” frame_style=”simple” target=”_self” caption_location=”inside-image” align=”center” margin_bottom=”10″]

Ok, so when you can actually begin to become aware of thinking & feelings around the scale, you can actually begin to take your power back.

Even if you have given all your power to the scale that decides how you will be feeling, the truth is that the scale indeed does not have any power over you.

You are the creator of your life & the power of “what would you choose to think & feel” has always been yours & would stay yours for life.

When you can understand this, you can actually begin to apply this in your life to change the way you think & feel i.e think on purpose.

The truth is on any given day, the scale is not even the slightest reflection of who you truly are. Yet, many of us tend to become the puppets of the scale & assume that it has the power to make or break our days.

The process to shift your negative thinking around your weight to a place where you are in love with her , regardless of how much you weigh is to first come to a place of peace & acceptance…i.e “this is where I am”. Its a skill & it requires you to become patient & compassionate with yourself.

So start using the weighing scale everyday as a mental tool in order to develop & strengthen this skill & with practice you surely will come to a place where you truly believe that “its just a number” ….pure information, that could in-fact help you course correct your weight loss journey in case you require to do that.

I would leave you with the eternal truth that you are amazing.

Your weight has no ability to make you feel miserable. You are meant to feel all the joy, love & peace regardless of the number on the scale & your body is always assisting you to blossom into your fullest potential in life.

Would love to hear from you. Share your thoughts or insights with me below. Or if you have any questions, let me know. It will be a pleasure to connect with you.

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