Have you ever cut off rice or roti in an attempt to lose weight?
What about your best friend swearing that she lost 5 pounds in just a weekend by only eating chicken & eggs??

And do you consider yourself a loser for failing every time you gave up carbs but needed up binging a few days or a few weeks later???
Well, take a deep breath of relief because this week, I’m busting this famous nutrition fad that “carbohydrates are fattening.”

Let’s get this straight today, once in for all…

Carbs do not block fat burning any more than proteins or fats.
At the end of the day, All the three macronutrients whether its carbs, fats or proteins, when taken in excess, contribute to just the same amount of fat getting stored in your body.

Fat gain is caused by an excess of calories, not by the presence or of insulin.
There is no specific macro-nutrient that can be blamed for fat gain.
The very simple fact that overconsumption of calories will lead to fat gain regardless of how much carbohydrates you are consuming or not consuming has been thoroughly established by innumerable studies.

The take-home message is carbohydrates are not inherently fattening.
Insulin spikes do not automatically cause fat gain & insulin is not the devil hormone…
You don’t need to fear to eat your carbs even if your aim is to lose weight…

Most of the people can do really well with moderate carb approach & the minimally processed carbs like whole grains are way more filling than the processed ones & hence definitely offer an advantage in providing more satiety.

In the comments below, I want to know if you’ve ever fallen in the trap of believing that carbs make you fat like I have in the past & if you have any questions, post them in the comments below, would love to help you out.

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