The Problem With Diet Plans + Where is Your Magic Wand?

Most of the clients who come to me get startled when they hear that I do not provide any diet aka meal plans. “What will I eat in order to lose weight?” is the question that follows.
Are you still secretly looking for a diet plan or a special diet combination that will do it for you?
A really good dietician who can give you a printed diet plan week after week.
Well, ladies…time to embrace the truth!
The very core reason you are not able to shift your weight permanently is your desire to grab a diet plan in the first place. Which by the way is also the reason you are programming yourself to become fatter in the future.
How do I know this?
Been there, done that!
Just a few years back, I was on the same train….thinking “if I just got that special diet plan or if I just got that special combination right, I would be able to lose all the extra weight & stay happily after.” How dead wrong I was. Not only that, I was completely oblivious about the fact that I was making myself more & more fat fertile by following the “diets”.

Ill give you 5 solid reasons to kick off all the diets for good & never be tempted to go on them ever.

1. Diets promise an after picture. If you do what you’ve been told & follow what they think is best for your body. It’s just like school, “if you do what I tell you, you’ll get an Grade A”. And so many of us want to be told what to do. We don’t want to rely on ourselves. Relying on ourselves is a problem for most of us. But that external structure can become a crutch & lead to what I call emotional childhood. So many of my clients are like…”Wait, I don’t want to be in-charge. I want to be told what to eat. I want a mom. I want someone to tell me.” They want that external structure. They don’t want to own their choices. They want to own someone else’s choices & follow someone else’s direction. They don’t want to take the responsibility of what & how much they eat on their own. Nothing wrong with this approach. But know that this mindset will always keep you in food jail & NEVER fully allow you to experience freedom to make your own choices.

2. Diets make us “rely” on an external source rather than stay connected with your own body…which is to begin with the whole problem. The reason you overeat or have overeaten in life is because of your disconnection with your body. Having a set plan wherein its pre decided how much you will eat & at what time perpetuates this disconnection even further. No wonder you end up feeling miserable & finally rebel against it.

3. Diets wreck havoc on your brain chemistry. It messes up with your “feel good” neuro-transmitters as well as your hormones. You end up feeling “off” & rather sick even though you might be losing weight. Eventually, you never are ready to trade your “normal” food with the skimmed milk & bran roti ever again & feel you are better off staying “fat” than going on a diet plan.

4. Diets damages your metabolism. Instead of relying on your own wisdom, you are told to limit your food intake to specific amount of calories. This idea of “calorie in vs calorie out” has been shown to fail in every scientific study that has ever been done. Your body is not algebra. It works on the principles of biology, not mathematics. When you reduce your calories, your body down regulates its metabolism in order to burn less calories. This also explains why you don’t “feel” like working out when you go on a diet. And whenever you stop dieting, your already down-regulated metabolism stores all the extra food as fat.

5. You are always ‘On A Diet” or “Off A Diet”. What a life!
You never learn your inborn skill you are born with that is ultra capable of guiding you what, when & how much to eat. You are perennially living on a diet or feel out of control around your eating. While secretly wishing you experienced freedom, sanity & peace around food & your body.

The message is clear.

Stop dieting.

Stop looking for a magical food plan to do it for you.

Stop looking for short cuts.

You are well-equipped with your own magic wand !

And the magic wand is your body’s innate wisdom which is communicating with you all the time.
While there is a place of educating your self about nutrition & getting to know the food basics. Yet, your own body’s wisdom can never over-ride all this knowledge.
Don’t let anyone decide what is “fuel” for your body. What you eat should empower you, which means it physically feels good after eating it and you feel energized & more alive to show up to your full potential in life.

When you finally make a decision to stop looking for answers externally & finally are willing to trust your body to be the guide, you no longer are in a hurry. You are empowered the moment you let your body choose for her, rather than an external source trying to manipulate & experiment with what is your scared temple i.e your body. You literally become unstoppable. And weight loss plus more energy, vitality & radiance all all follow as natural side effects.

If you are ready to make this transition from “diet plans” to “being our own guru” & “finding out your own fuel”, I invite you to have a conversation with me to find out all the ways we can work together here. I teach powerful tools that you can apply in life that would make the whole process way easier for you & would gently assist you in all the challenges you might face in this journey. Its time you said yes to your desire to drop the extra weight permanently & live free from food & body jail. I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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