Here’s a powerful principle if applied on a regular basis will make a huge difference in the way you look & feel. This principle will guarantee permanent weight loss, is simple & super effective. Besides the weight loss, it will cause your food to taste better & will even demand you to exercise your innate ability to listen to your body.


In other words, eating consciously, paying full attention to your food & tuning in your body wisdom that tells you to stop eating when you are full!

My life changed radically when I learned the power of slow. Because eating at a slower pace cultivates checking in with body’s innate intelligence, you truly savor the food & the deliciousness of the moment. When I finally said goodbye to my habits of eating fast or standing while eating, I lost weight & my metabolism got an overhaul. By deliberately following this one powerful principle, my relationship with food got a complete make-over & the food stopped having any power over me.

In our current times, we live in a society addicted to speed & this is completely unhealthy! We pay scant attention to the food we eat or how fast we eat it & it becomes habitual to eat this way. When you rush through your breakfast or any meal; watch television or computer while gobbling down food or grab a bite while driving, you are literally inviting dis-ease ranging from weight gain, adrenal fatigue, hormonal issues, bloating, binge –eating & chronic exhaustion to name a few.

The upside of eating fast is that we get a rush of happy chemicals that are released in our brain making us feel good, temporarily. This leads to we becoming addicted to this ‘rush’, so we repeat this behavior over & over again & we do it so unconsciously that we’re not even aware that we do it, which makes it worse as have literally lost control.

Years & years of eating too fast with paying little attention, over-rides the trigger inside the body that says one is full, resulting in to ignore the signal & just over-eat. And the more one does it, the better he gets at it.

There is a hormone produced in the gut that is called PYY3-36 that alerts us that we are full. Now the irony is, the more over-weight a person is, the less of this is produced. The good news is, that is completely reversible. The more weight one loses, the more of this hormone is produced to alert the hypothalamus (part of the brain), that we are full.

Also, fast paced, all over the place eating shuts down your digestion, significantly decreases your nutrient absorption & makes you fat fertile. YIKES!

So let’s start NOW by turning your tide with a new slowed down groove baby!

Here’s 3 easy steps you can practice immediately to incorporate this powerful principle:

1. Breathing in


Breathing in – Before you begin to eat, take 3 to 5 slow deep breaths. This will activate your para-sympathetic nervous system that instructs your body to RELAX thereby amping your slimming powers & boosting your metabolism.

2. No Distractions


Turn down all distractions while eating & this includes TV, computers, cell phones, a book or a magazine! Stop “food picking” & SIT DOWN when you eat.

3. Chew your food thoroughly


Chew your food thoroughly – Engage all your senses while eating. Become a sensual revolutionary! Turn down the fork between bites and savor each & every single bite.

I would love to hear your insights & experience in the comment section below. Here’s to slow sensual week!


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