I Saved Lakhs Of Rupees & Lost Around 29 Kgs

I didn’t know that this kind of program existed in this world although i always wanted this program to exist for me. And when i started with this program, every part of my body was saying, YES! I am proud of myself that i am reaching my goal learning the right way to lose weight. Without taking so much pain of dieting and stressful exercise. Last time I lost weight with 6 hrs of workout daily and starvation (crash dieting). But this time it was so smooth and energetic. I feel fortunate to have found this program & go with my gut instinct. I gained so many things with this program. Loved every bit of it. Always waited for the next session. This program has taught me not just how to eat healthy but also how to be calm & peaceful in every situation in my life. I feel confident, pretty, sexy. I have become a much better person because of this program. : I saved lakhs of rupees coz otherwise i would have gone for bariatric surgery. In 3 months, I lost 29 kgs. Everyone around me complimented me. Feeling so light and on the top of the world. It not only helped me losing weight but also having a better and a happier life and healthy relations. What Dr Anu has taught me has completely transformed my entire life.

Dr Madhavi Arora
IVF Consultant, New Delhi

Its So Much More Than Just Eating !

Other programs just deal with what to eat how to force stop yourself it’s more about self control and will power. On the other hand this program will surprisingly never tell u if u shud have roti or rice, proteins or fat etc.. It will just tell u that real foods are good and now u choose what you feel like eating. I was dumbfounded initially that how am I expected to eat anything and still lose weight??!! The leash or control cannot be with me it has to be with the instructor but I can tell you it’s soo liberating! 🙂 this is something to do for life unlike diet programs. I have lost around 11 kgs. Definitely feel lighter and more energetic. It has opened me to so much more that is to eating. When I finish the meal, I just feel awesome. I no longer fear the weight coming back. It is not only about eating but rather understanding yourself more, your strengths, weaknesses, how to tackle difficult situations. I was blown away by the fact that this program deals with our issues that run much deeper than what is visible outside – eating when not hungry. It’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. Its been worth the investment and so much more. In fact my life is completely different now. Thanks Anu, you are amazing and I am so glad that I found you at this stage in my life. I feel connected to my body and understand myself a lot better now. I could have never ever done without you. Lots of love to you!!!

Khyati Mehra
Technical Lead, Founder at Khyatiworks, Bangalore

This is not really a regular diet program but an awakening. When I met Anu I was depressed and crying daily and in our first session, I let go of the hurt that was keeping me stuck. Anu is a gift. A kind and brilliant woman, who creates a sacred space for you to heal. I’ve lost 16 kilos, which is the first time I have lost weight in 8 years. I was just blown away by her level of intuition, compassion and brilliance. I feel radically free! After decades of dieting I have finally worked out how to feed my body!


Neha Ahuja
36 Yrs, Mother Of Two, New Delhi

After years of dieting, binging & hating my body, I was totally resigned with the idea that I could ever lose weight & ever ever experience any freedom around food. As a total foodie, I always thought I was doomed to be “big” & that extra weight was my family heritage gift to me ! Aah, I was so wrong. I’m so fortunate to get to know about Anu & her revolutionary work. I strongly think every women should know & learn the powerful tools she teaches. I’ve not only lost 20 kgs without dieting or gymming but Im a completely different woman. I still love food but do not feel uncontrollable around it or indulge in some insane behaviors around it. Dr Anu’s work is actually way beyond weight loss. I’m so grateful to have found you.


Nitika Chawla
30 Yrs, Sales Head, New Delhi

Thank you for ending the diet confusion, getting me off my crazy fad diets (that weren’t working!), and helping me truly create a life I love and a body I love. I came to you believing I was broken, my metabolism was off, and thinking that I could never lose weight. Over the 3 months we worked together, I lost nearly 12 kgs. Thank you, Dr Anu


Shikha Dhamija
28 yrs, Regional Manager, New Delhi

Dr Anu’s program is the perfect antidote if you want instant inspiration to have a hot body, heal yourself and your life. Not only has the Dr Anu’s coaching radically improved my relationship to food and healed my addictions, I’ve also lost 10 kilos and I feel like me again!


Riana Singh
41 yrs, Senior Manager, New Delhi

Dr Anu, you’re like a modern medicine woman. Just by doing two sessions with you my life has changed in so many marvelous ways.I have a new sense of respect for myself and I can finally put the past to rest. I feel free. I no longer need to take care of everyone else or my body. Thank you so much!


Garima Chawla
28 yrs, Project Manager, Mumbai

After Decades Of Being Overweight I Have Lost 15 Kgs

After decades of being overweight, I was diagnosed with diabetes and found myself afraid, desperate and wanting to make changes for my health but having no idea where to turn, especially after failing at “dieting” for so long. Anu was the first person that helped me begin to understand that there was another way out there. She started me on the path to REAL weight loss, a healthy approach and real freedom from the fraught, yo-yo dieting I had experienced in the past.

I have lost over 15 kilos and I’m hooked to my daily jog (after not exercising for over 15 years!). I never would have thought that all this was possible, but Anu’s warm, nonjudgmental approach and support coupled with the best tools on the planet hands down have gone a long way in helping me to make permanent, sustainable change in my health and body as well as my mind. I will be forever grateful!!

Rajni Malhotra
Entrepreneur, Mother, 40 yrs, New Delhi

I Have Discovered A Whole New “Me” And I Love It!

Through the years of dieting, I had totally lost touch with real hunger and was only eating when and what some diet told me to. Anu helped me learn how to trust myself and I’ve lost 8 kilos using her approach! I finally feel like I am in a good place where eating no longer controls my life. Her services are worth every single penny. But I got so much more working with her than just weight-loss.


Neelima Gupta
Software engineer, Mother of One, 35 yrs, Bangalore

I Don’t Worry About Gaining The Weight Back…

Years ago I did several stints of dieting, thinking that would help me get rid of my weight problem that started after my second pregnancy. But all in vain. When I met Anu, I was already a veteran in dieting & a past cardio queen. Honestly, I was so frustrated by my past failed attempts at losing weight.

I knew everything that anyone can imagine about losing weight. But as they say knowledge wasn’t enough and also I can’t stress enough how this weight loss industry is sugar coating all the lies. It’s time for the truth. And I feel Dr Anu is a blessing that happened to me. Coaching with Anu taught me a lot about myself in a very short period of time, and it also helped me lose weight in a very natural way. I am SO grateful! I think what she is teaching is priceless. Not only did I lose weight, but I’m a completely changed person. I feel so proud of my body & life that I’m the perfect role model for my husband & kids. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for permanent solution to a great body, high energy & vitality.


Dr Shreya Kapoor
37 yrs, Gynacologist, Mother of two, New Delhi

I’ve Conquered My Struggles With Food And Weight

For the first time I feel like I am in control. Dr Anu’s personal experience and expertise were just what I needed. And the investment was more than worth it. I finished every session feeling confident and empowered. There came a time that I totally gave up after the last time I ballooned with 20 kgs more. I’m no longer obsessed with what I’m eating. I don’t have the guilt and shame of eating “bad” foods, and I’m not struggling to eat good foods. Plus I’m eating more healthfully than ever without forcing myself. I have lost almost 15 kilos in a very short time but most importantly Im not in a hurry anymore & loving the process. My wife & loved ones are startled to witness my transformation.

Dr Anu provided the support, knowledge and completely new perspective that I needed to conquer my weight struggles with.


Dr Anit Jain
Professor, Father of two, 38 yrs, New Delhi

I Lost 10 Kgs — And Have Kept It Off

Before I started working with Anu, I felt lousy about my body. I thought there was nothing I could do to change it and that I was just going to be fat forever. I feel so lucky to have bumped at her website. I was initially skeptic but now I totally dig her tools & philosophy. I lost a total of 10 kgs & have kept it off for almost an year now which is huge for me.

But beyond weight, since working with Anu, my entire life has changed. I’m less stressed, I started doing more for myself and learning more about myself and my feelings. I am eating healthier and loving it, but I also still enjoy sweets and wine at the same time. She taught me how to deal with our stress, and releasing all that has had huge effects on my weight loss weight loss.


Renu Katyal
Home maker, 32yrs, Gurgaon

I’m Not The Same Person Anymore

I feel sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better. I have lost 5kg so far. It’s not the world’s fastest weight loss program but I reckon it’s the BEST. Everything tastes sooooo good – like I’ve never tasted food before! I haven’t felt deprived once, and i eat very differently, like i share dishes with friends and i am leaving food on my plate. I find I’m also doing more – things that I have been procrastinating on for months, on my bucket list, I just to them now.


Shweta Mahajan
MBA Student, 21 yrs, New Delhi

Nutritionist By Training

As a nutritionist by training, I know what we’re supposed to eat…but could I do it???? I just couldn’t seem to DO it !!!! Stress, guilt has gone, it’s very freeing. All the ‘good’ bad’ notions around food have disappeared. Food is just food again. And I’m loving the freedom around food, weight & my body.


Deepti Rana
Professional Nutritionist, 27yrs, Pune

Heart Disease

With a family history of heart disease and a personal history of diet failure, working with Dr Anu was the best thing that happened to me. The sessions have completely changed my outlook on life. I no longer sweat the small stuff (I used to be a control freak) and sleep is easy (insomnia goodbye) . 5kgs so far and counting. As i write this I’m just back from a week holiday and I’ve lost another kilo this week. Even on holiday these principles are easy and get results!


Sunil Shrivastav
Art Director, 42 yrs, Mumbai

I Have Experienced Nothing Short Of A Complete Mindset Shift Through Working With Anu.

Every day, I continue to detox more self-limiting beliefs, go deeper into pleasure and expand capacity to hold more and more abundance in all areas of my life. What started as a weight loss program transformed my entire life in the most amazing ways. I’m living a life that I thought was only possible in my wildest dreams. I just don’t have enough words to thank her enough. I can only say if you struggle with your weight even a tiny bit, forget everything else & invest in yourself by working with her. You’ll thank your stars that you did it.


Dr Anita Mahajan
37 yrs, Physician, Mother of two, New Delhi

Dr Anu Is A Powerhouse Of Information…

Dr Anu has an extra-ordinary understanding of why we eat and how we can manage our minds to live a more healthy lifestyle. She has been a tremendous help to me and I would highly recommend her to those wanting a healthier and on-purpose life. It’s not about a defined “diet”, it is about why we eat and how we think each day, and those little accumulative habits that lead us away from our goals. The tools and techniques are excellent, radical and unheard of. And when you apply them, you can’t help but get solid, concrete results in terms of all areas of your life, not just weight loss, health & having a great body. I wonder why the weight loss industry has been lying to people since ages!


Susan Peters
45 yrs, Entrepreneur, LA

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