How to stay motivated to lose weight? A must for permanent weight loss !

How to stay motivated to lose weight? A must for permanent weight loss !

Did you know that majority of the people who go on diet fail… 95% to be exact…. This is because people jump on a diet without doing any mindset work that is required to carry them through the entire process of losing weight. There is an exact method that increases your likelihood of winning the weight loss game. Today, I’mm sharing one of the many mindset secrets that can fire up your dream of losing weight permanently.

In this video, I explain how you can motivate yourself to lose weight, not just in the beginning but throughout the process of losing weight. I get many clients who tell me they are initially highly motivated to lose weight but few weeks into the journey their motivation starts to dwindle. Learn how to stay motivated & take charge of unleashing your best body.

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Dr. Anu Gupta
Dr. Anu Gupta
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