How to Create Time to Exercise

How to Create Time to Exercise

“I’m fat because I don’t have time to exercise”
I hear this all the time, “I really want to lose weight Dr Anu but I don’t have time to exercise.”
“I have this long work schedule & by the time I come back home, Im hardly having much time to spend with my family, leave alone any time for exercise.”
Sounds familiar?
In today’s vlog. I’m offering you a mindset shift that might just open you up with a different possibility.

Watch today’s vlog to learn –
How just 15 mins in 24 hours have the ability to change your life (and body)
The belief that holds smart, successful women from creating time to exercise

The ONE thing in common shared by all successful multi-billionaires of the world

Please remember that exercise is not required for losing weight but is non-negotiable if you want to enjoy a great relationship with your body along with amazing vibrant health every single of your life….

Now over to you. Share with me in the comments below your struggle to squeeze in exercise or movement time into the 24 hr frame and also what are you taking away from today’s video. If you have any questions, do let me know in the comments, I would love to help you out.
Here’s to moving your body.


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