“You Got To Own It Before You Lose It”

People often come to me in a state of panic or disappointment with their bodies & want to get rid of their extra weight as fast as possible. They even get disheartened when after a week or two, the scale doesn’t budge or doesn’t budge according what they want. Often to which I reply,


  • Your extra weight didn’t happen overnight.
  • Your extra weight is not some piece of ugly tissue hanging in there that you loathe & refuse to love and want to get rid of as fast as possible.
  • Your extra weight is a part of YOU. Lemme repeat, it’s a part of YOU. So technically, hating, disliking, calling names to a part of you won’t work.
  • The more you want to get rid of that part, the harder it will become and the faster it will come back calling your name !

Now what exactly do I mean by OWNING your weight? Let me explain.

Owning your weight means appreciating & loving your weight just the way it is in the NOW.


Your extra weight did not magically come out of nowhere & took over your body. Your extra weight is the result of the circumstances in your life. Maybe you knew over eating as the only way to soothe yourself from work related stress. Maybe you have no idea about which foods would truly nourish your body. Maybe the kids are putting too much demand on you.

Believe it or not, Owning up your weight & Loving yourself and loving your body in the now) is a crucial key to releasing excess weight.

We are all equally human and judging ourselves for it only gives the “dark” side more power. Repeated feelings of guilt, shame and inadequacy and the anxiety to lose the weight as fast as possible or for that matter to fix up the weight issue, stimulate the emotional hungers that drive you to binge eat time in and again or when the diet is over. In other words, the weight of your self-judgment is ultimately what adds excess weight to your body. It is almost impossible to avoid over eating if you are continually burdening yourself with a backpack of guilt and resentment. Where as rather than beating up on ourselves for doing so, it is appropriate to show compassion and patience.

Owing up your weight with Authentic self-love is the art and practice of honoring yourself, irrespective of what you look like or what you possess, and independent of what you have or have not yet achieved in your life.

Once you OWN your weight and stop this internal fight, YOU instantly gain the power to make changes in your life. And when you stop the physical, mental & emotional struggle to get rid of the extra weight as fast as possible, guess what happens, the pounds….drop…for good !

Owning your weight puts YOU in the place of POWER where you stop being the victim of circumstances. And from this place of empowerment & inspiration to be the best version of who you can be, your body goes into a more peaceful & relaxed place. And this triggers relaxation response in the body which in turn causes a increased metabolism, optimal digestion & kick ass fat burning!


Instead of dwelling in stress (which cues your body to hold on to extra fat in a self protective manner), you are able to feel peaceful and relaxed about the process which cues your body to release extra fat.

It doesn’t mean you stop taking action, it just means you stop suffering in the process & you stop “waiting” on the weight. Instead of feeling resentful and stuck, you shift towards empowerment and inspiration, two important keys for lifelong transformation.

Your Dream Body starts with you appreciating & owning every inch of your body first. Step by step you can create conditions, circumstances and a whole LIFE that is supportive to unleash the best version of you. Cultivate your body with love, and you’ll get slim & stay slim – for good.

I would love to hear your insights in the comment sections below

Do you compare your body to other’s? Do you feel ashamed of yourself because of what your body looks like? Do you place more value upon what you look like rather than who you are inside? Are you critical of yourself?

Do you use food to numb yourself to your feelings? Do you neglect your physical well-being?

Remember Owning up will first begin with awareness and from there you can step by step cultivate the art of loving and appreciating your body in the now.

Appreciating You


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