How “I eat everything in moderation” keeping you FAT!

How “I eat everything in moderation” keeping you FAT!

Flipping through health & other magazines, I commonly come across the advice of “everything in moderation” but does eating everything in moderation works? Today lets understand the concept of moderation when it comes to eating & really really get clear that this advice is plain crap if you are looking to create an epic life you are proud of!

There is nothing wrong with this approach of eating except that it keeps you blind i.e ignorant of what & why you are doing what you are doing.

This advice of “everything in moderation” sucks because, for most & I mean 99.9 % people, it doesn’t work. Don’t get me wrong, this advise sounds quite reasonable but when it comes to making significant changes in your life, it forms a huge barrier.

Listen, by no means am I saying that you have to turn your life upside down in order to achieve results & that there is no place of harmony in life. No no no no…

What I’m saying is getting to the root cause of a problem is the only solution & this requires some deep awareness work & diligence, at least till you master a skill.

I’ll give you 5 top reasons why in my opinion eating everything in moderation holds you back & keeps you trapped in a fat or an unhealthy body.

Watch the vlog to find out –

  • How moderation interferes with permanent habit change?
  • How moderation keeps you stuck in ”yo-yo diet mode” forever?
  • The solution to creating a body you love with an incredible life to match and much much more

Ladies, we need to stop lying to our own selves about our bad habits under the disguise of “moderation”. Nothing incredible ever gets created by keeping the back doors open…

By not having clear-cut decisions made ahead of time as to how you will be approaching when faced with a challenge that comes in the way of you creating solid lasting results for yourself…

So please stop saying this mantra, “I eat everything in moderation”

Get yourself educated. Make decisions ahead of time and then yes, become frantic in what you put inside your body temple…

Because you know what, YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Now a question for you, I want to know, your take on “moderation” and I want to know your conscious or unconscientious rules for yourself, of how you are losing or maintaining your weight and if you have any questions, please post them in the comments below, would love to help you out.

Much love


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