Food is not your weakness

I remember all those years when I used to think that “food is my weakness”. I used to relate to food as Me + Food= Failure. I strongly believed I had no ability to control what goes in my mouth. In short, I believed, I was destined to suffer when it comes to the issue of food.

Well, it turns out that I was never alone in having these beliefs. Today, invariably, my clients tell me the same struggle in some way or the other.

They will say things like I have no will power around my favorite foods or that I just can’t stay hungry or diet or that they have thyroid etc Or that it’s impossible to give up delicious food.

So let’s explore that today.

Okay, so lemme start by saying that eating food is not a weakness.

Or for that matter you are not weak willed.

I was downrightedly convinced that I can’t give up binge eating or emotional eating until I understood one basic thing straight up which is

It is never about the food.

It is always about your relationship with the food….which indeed determines your behavior around the food.

I remember this past week a client of mine said that she will die without “rajma chawal” and just the mere thought of giving it up was giving her tremors…not kidding ! (by the way, you never have to give up your favorite foods ever in order to lose weight ).

Now I’m not judging her. In fact I totally can relate & understand her.

For some of you, it might be chocolate or ice-cream or ……fill in the blank.

The thing which I always say & want you to remember is –

If you not willing to step into the territory of “what’s going on with your food story?”, it would be impossible for you to diet or effectively lose weight in the long run.

And hey remember resignation is just the other end of the same pendulum. There is no power in eating everything, boasting about it or staying fat because of some xy zee reason

Working on your relationship with food and what’s going on beneath that requires courage. But once you are willing to step onto the dirt road with patience, power & determination, there is no looking back ever.


Today, I can proudly say that my “weight struggle” was the biggest blessing that I ever had in my life. Because it opened so much unconditional love and intimacy with me and all the people in my life that I never knew was possible.

Once you feed yourself with trust and love for the purpose of nourishment and make a commitment to accept yourself during the process- the other reasons for emotional eating will be easier to identify with and cope with. Once you are living in a nourished body and can be counted on to feed yourself plentifully and wholesomely, the rest is a lot easier to bear.

Food can end up being your strength. And it can be a nourishing cornerstone in your life and your emotional health.

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