Yes, you heard me right.

I want you to repeat this sentence: Fat, yes even saturated fat, is an amazing, wonderful thing that every single body needs.

And a low-fat diet will never make you skinny!

Ok, so I’ll admit it – fat is something I used to avoid.

I really wanted to lose weight and so I ignorantly listened to all the advice plastered over magazines, TV shows, and internet. Low-fat seemed like the only answer to true health.

Do you know from where did it all start?

In the 1950s, Ancel Keys, an American scientist, had an interest in the human diet and its relationship to cardiovascular disease. His research led to a study known as the Seven Countries Study. After observing individuals who lived over 100 years, Keys concluded that a diet high in animal fats contributed to heart disease. As a result of his findings, he theorized that animal fats contributed to weight gain and disease. His “lipid hypothesis” became known to the world when , in 1956, representatives of the American Heart Association appeared on television to announce a healthy diet meant a low-fat one. Dr. Dudley White (who also happened to be President Eisenhower’s physician) disagreed with Key’s “lipid hypothesis” and pointed out the correlation between the consumption of processed vegetable oils and increase of heart attacks. After all, the use of margarine had quadrupled, while egg consumption had declined by half. Coconut oil had been replaced with vegetable oil, and lard had been replaced with hydrogenated fats. Yet, traditional fats found in eggs, butter, cream, and animal meats were touted by the experts as unhealthy and a “heart attack just waiting to happen.”

The truth is that fats from animals AND some plant sources work together and provide the building blocks for our body, give us energy, and help us feel full longer.

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We are often told that cholesterol is bad, but it plays an important role in the body.

The “lipid hypothesis,” also known as the cholesterol myth, was just a really bad guess by doctors in the 1920s and has been debunked over and over again! The fact that the early testing of the “lipid hypothesis” was performed on rabbits, who are HERBIVORES, should be reason enough to show that this theory was wrong. I’m not a scientist, but I’m pretty sure when you feed an herbivore (animal who can only digest plants) gobs of animal fat, it will die. What’s more incredulous is that Ancel Keys, the scientist who first theorized that cholesterol caused heart disease, yes the very man who started this whole fear of fat, later changed his stance on cholesterol and its relationship to heart disease.

Low fat foods are nothing but garbage.

Thousands have studies have proven how low-fat diet creates more problems in your body rather than any benefits if any. Still people continue to slash fats from their diet.

An exhaustive analysis of 76 academic studies involving more than 600,000 participants found that saturated fat consumption is in fact not associated with coronary disease risk, published in ANNALS OF INTERNAL MEDICINE JORNAL, Vol 160,18TH March,2014.

Cholesterol has many important jobs in your body. It helps regulate hormones & stress, thereby reducing one’s risk of cancer & heart disease.

Well-known Lyon Diet Heart study performed by French Researchers in the 1990s, they found that levels of cholesterol didn’t change between those eating a high-fat diet and a low-fat diet, and, in fact, they saw a 76% reduction in heart-related deaths in the high-fat group!

Also, because the brain is largely composed of fat, higher cholesterol levels also increase serotonin function. Serotonin is the body’s “feel good” chemical and plays an important role in our mental health .

Fat helps maintain the wall of the intestines, preventing leaky gut syndrome. The liver needs cholesterol to create bile, which is vital for digestion & the assimilation of fat.

So why are we still so confused about cholesterol?

Why are we told at every corner to eat low-fat and fear those blood cholesterol levels?

As much as I like to avoid being a conspiracy theorist, I have to point out that the cholesterol-lowering drugs (statins) bring in a whopping 30 BILLION dollars per year for the drug-making companies. And on top of that, when the “acceptable” cholesterol numbers were lowered in 2004, EIGHT out of NINE members of the National Cholesterol Education Program, who “set” that official number, had financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry. This means that the people who are telling us our cholesterol numbers are too high are the very people who make money if we take cholesterol-lowering drugs! Now if that’s not shocking, I don’t know what is.

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Have you ever wondered why it is so hard to lose weight and stick to a diet?

What if I told you that eating low-fat is the main reason you have had trouble losing that weight?

When you remove the fat-soluble vitamins from your diet, the ones that aid in digestion, make you feel nourished, and signal to your brain that you are full, you are ultimately left feeling hungry & deprived.

In fact, even a simple drop in body fat levels due to inadequate calorie intake lowers the hormone leptin – the master hormone well-understood to regulate appetite, metabolism, and immune system potency. It also raises the stress hormone cortisol, the primary aging and immunosuppressive hormone.” – Matt Stone, Diet Recovery.

You don’t need willpower to lose weight; you just need more real food fats!

Mary Enig, Ph.D, one of the top lipid biochemists in the country, points out in her book, Eat Fat , Lose Fat

As the French maintain their trim physiques while consuming triple cream brie, steak au poivre , and béarnaise sauce, most adults would barely dare to drink a glass of whole-fat milk.”

So which fat is good & which is bad?

The most important thing for you to remember about fat is that it’s just like any other food … you must find it in its most natural & healthy form.

If you have Crisco, Canola, or Vegetable oil in your pantry … it’s time to GET THEM OUT! These oils are nothing more than highly processed, hydrogenated garbage. Your body does not even recognize them, and, in fact, your body creates inflammation just to get rid of them.

So please, remove them from your diet and embrace REAL FATS like butter, ghee, full fat dairy and other animal fats, as well as olive oil & coconut oil!

Don’t you want your food to be delicious and savory? I promise you it is possible to ENJOY your fatty food and LOSE WEIGHT!

Time to get smart my lovelies!

Would love to hear from you. I encourage you to share your thoughts & insights on the same in the comment section below. Or ask me any questions that you might be having. Would love to answer them.


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