Today I want to ask you this question (which I get asked a lot) and what I see in a lot of popular weight loss ads in magazines & newspapers.

Do you want a guarantee to lose “X” amount of weight in “Y” amount of time?

My guess is your answer is a big YES.

Who doesn’t want a “guarantee’ before you invest your hard earned money…and of course your time & energy? Right!

Well, I’m not going to blame you for wanting one. After all, I was in the same boat a few years back. And also gosh, we’ve been duped so so much in this area that it simply is crazy. Most of the ([email protected]#%*^$) weight loss programs out there have been ripping people off, giving nasty claims & making people do insane stuff….all in the name of shedding the pounds.

Well, I’m gonna spill out the truth to you today….and as I always always say, the truth is where your power lies…it is so important for you to empower yourself, so that you as a person can choose to live the amazing, vital life you were meant to live in a body you madly love.

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For a moment, I want you to pay attention as to why do you want a guarantee? Like really, think about it, why DO you want an insurance that you will lose a certain amount of weight in a certain amount of time frame?

Is it genuinely because you doubt the program or is it because you doubt your ability to lose weight….again !

Or is it because you are tying your “motivation” to work only if you have an assurance that you will lose all the extra weight in a given time frame….

Now even if your answer is a slight yes to any of the above three questions or for that matter any other question that literally wants you to seek an assurance for this, let me tell you the hardcore TRUTH.

There are no guarantees ever…ever that you will lose a certain amount of weight in a certain amount of time.

Yes, I said it…and I want you to always always remember this. In fact I’m repeating….there are no guarantees ever…ever that you will lose a certain amount of weight in a certain amount of time.

Well, that doesn’t mean that a weight loss program doesn’t work…That also doesn’t mean that you are not doing the right thing…And that certainly doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with you or that you are destined to have the extra weight for life!

That simply means your body is not a machine that follows algebra mathematics…

You can’t ever… ever impose any time frame limitations on how your body functions. It simply doesn’t work this way!

You are literally lying to yourself if you are continuing to believe such a thing or for that matter who so ever tells you that if you “diet’ this way or do “x” amount of exercise or do whatever stuff they tell you to do, is completely lying or doesn’t understand the laws of biology.

Now, what is empowering for you to know is that your body loves you the most in the entire Universe. Yes, it does.

 And it wants to lose all the extra weight. Your body is on your side, it always has been. It keeps on serving you 24/7 without even asking you, no matter how you treat it.

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How your body will respond when you do start paying attention to it…when you do start honoring it & doing all that is required to support her functioning well, will look very different from your friend or neighbor or anybody else. So coming with generalizations or numbers such as if you eat x number of calories, you’ll lose y amount of amount is absolutely futile.

The rate at which my clients lose weight when they start applying the principles that I teach is very different & unique for each of them.

Only if you are willing to acknowledge the truth that your body is on your side & when you do the best that is required to support her, no matter what or no matter at which pace you are losing weight, can you be successful in losing the weight permanently.

I have clients who lose just 5 kgs in 90 days & I even have clients who have lost 25kgs in that time….no, I’m not kidding! I sometimes get mails by my ex-clients who have lost a ton of weight over the course of entire year as they continued to apply what they had learned in my program…

Now tell me one thing, isn’t that all that work so worth it, no matter how much time it takes! I really really think that it is.

My deepest request for you is to stop looking for guarantees because there are none. Its not in your control. It never was.

What is in your control is what you do with what you’ve got & how much you trust yourself to blossom as the best version of you that is possible.

So the next time anyone makes such a claim or for that matter your mind starts seeking such an insurance, don’t buy in to that lie & bring your mind back to this truth.

Weight loss is hard work & it requires total willingness from your side to step into your power & challenge your spirit.

And you know what, deep down, we all yearn for challenges in life that makes us grow, evolve & step up to a level that we never thought was possible. Not to forget, the deep fulfillment that comes with “earning” our “reward” that teaches us valuable lessons & stays with us for life.

I would love to hear your thoughts & insights on this below. Come share your take on this with me.



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