You can absolutely lose weight permanently without dieting, calorie counting, drugs or tortuous gym routines.

  • Are you ready to rethink the way to permanent weight loss?
  • Are you willing to find out root cause of your extra weight?
  • Are you ready to reclaim a healthy, happy body you are in love with?
  • Are you ready to end your weight struggle and the frustration of yo-yo dieting forever?
  • Are you ready to take control of your feelings that drive overeating?
  • Are you ready to feel differently about food, your weight and yourself?

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Then let Dr Anu Gupta help you!

In a world full of conflicting weight loss advice, the “Weight-Wise Approach” is created to address the root cause of your weight struggle and finally banish overeating in a way you never thought is possible. Once you learn the “why” behind your current actions that are leading to the extra weight, you will be able to master your own body and mind.

The weight loss industry has made us believe that losing weight is all about “eat less and move more”. Well. If this would have been true, then dieting wouldn’t have a failure rate of more than 97%. What if you stopped believing his flawed model and got to know another powerful way that could end your weight struggle forever?

Using her own struggles with weight loss along with the success stories some of the thousands of clients she’s worked with, Anu teaches you tools to not just lose the extra body weight permanently but get rid end the body war , make peace with the food and create a life you love.
Whether you have a little weight to lose or a lot, this book will show you how to listen to the wisdom of your body and use your mind as a tool to unleash a body you love.

In This Book, You Will Learn How To

  • Eat without ever counting calories or portions again
  • Powerfully process emotions instead of letting them sabotage your weight loss efforts
  • Use your mind to end cravings and emotional eating
  • Generate ongoing massive inspiration to unleash the body of your dreams
  • Love food and eat in a fully conscious way without constantly obsessing
  • Discover the root cause of your weight and use it as a skill to get and stay slim forever
  • Transform yourself from a person who hates to exercise to a person who can’t wait to workout.
  • Listen to your body and love it in a way that accelerates your weight loss goals
  • Cultivate the art of extreme self care and develop a solid intimate relationship with your own self…and much more

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This Book Also Contain Free Companion “Weight-Wise Workbook” With All The Exercises To Put You A Fast Track To Your Best Body.

About The Author

Doctor, Coach, Author, Speaker, Workshop Leader and Consultant, Dr Anu Gupta is dedicated to a mission to uplift and inspire women to live healthier happier lives by living their truth and celebrating their unique self as a gift to the planet. As a Weight loss expert, she runs a thriving international coaching practice where she teaches smart, busy and high achieving women lose weight permanently, feel amazing in their body and become the absolute best version of themselves. She has used her own degree as a medical doctor (Consultant Radiologist), mastery certifications in neuro-linguistic programming and weight loss coaching , her own experience of struggling and losing over 40 pounds and a research of more than a decade to craft weight loss transformational programs with proven results. With so much conflicting weight loss advice, Dr Anu’s book offers unique tools to end the war with food and our bodies and get to the bottom of the whole problem of losing weight.

Chronic dieters struggling with their weight, those willing to commit themselves to a program based on learning how to trust their bodies’ wisdom, stop being crazy around food, heal emotional and stress eating, fall head over heels in love with their bodies, master the art of extreme self care and use their mind to create an incredible life, are destined to achieve their goal of successful weight loss. Her passion is helping women flourish as they take control of their eating, end the weight struggle and create emotional well being with a life that is authentic, vibrant and deeply fulfilling. Dr Anu stays with her gorgeous husband, Gaurav and her divine ten month old daughter, Aarna in New Delhi, India

What Are People Saying...

Dr. Anu is not only a leader in weight loss and wellness but one of the most passionate, wise and loving women I know. She will lead you into the most powerful journey you could ever go on – a venture into healing, radiance and love.

INGRID ARNAFounder of CEO Diva Business School

Finally, here's a thought leader who is a living breathing example of what it means to be beautiful inside out. Dr.Anu Gupta tells it like no one else - weight loss is an inside job! Hear what she has to say about taking responsibility of your body. It will change your life!

MEGHA MEHTAHolistic Health Coach, Speaker & Bestselling author of the book Find Your Rhythm

Weight Wise Revolution is a comprehensive, fun-to-read blueprint for permanent weight loss. Within these pages lies a powerful, effective set of tools to transform your relationship with your body, food and your life

BHAVNA TOORFounder & CEO, TED X Speaker

Whether you’re signing up for this journey to lose weight or to get real about what you eat, after you read this book you’ll be forever changed.

JYOTSNA RAMACHANDRANFounder at Happy self publishing, Coach & Author of the bestselling book The Job Escape Plan

saved lakhs of rupees and lost around 45kgs. I didn’t know this kind of program existed in this world. I feel fortunate to have found this and loved every bit of it. What Dr Anu has taught me has completely transformed my entire life.

DR MADHAVI ARORAIVF Consultant, New Delhi

Other programs just deal with what to eat and how to force stop .But this is unlike any diet programs. I have lost around 11 kgs. It has opened me to so much more in life than just eating. It’s the best thing that has ever happened to me.

KHYATI MEHRATechnical Lead, Founder at Khyatiworks
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