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I’ve conquered my struggles with food and weight

DR ANIT JAINProfessor, Father of two, 38 yrs, New Delhi

I Lost 10 kgs — and Have Kept it Off

RENU KATYALHome maker, 32yrs, Gurgaon

After decades of being overweight I have lost 15 Kgs

RAJNI MALHOTRAEntrepreneur, Mother, 40 yrs, New Delhi

I have discovered a whole new “me” and I love it!

NEELIMA GUPTASoftware engineer, Mother of One, 35 yrs, Bangalore

I don’t worry about gaining the weight back…

DR SHREYA KAPOOR37 yrs, Gynaecologist, Mother of two, New Delhi
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Permanent Solution to break free from diet/overeating/emotional eating cycle & get the naturally slim body you deserve.

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